How to Save Money on Travel

1) Fly when others don’t want to.

The very first point, why to fly when everybody else wants to fly. Travel also works on the same supply and demand rule. If demand is more than supply then price of the plane tickets go higher than the sky. So plan to travel when supply is more than demand. I’m sure you will get best travel deals during this day.

Now the next question is, how do I know when should I fly?

So to answer this question, I will use my personal experience here. I haven’t travelled to many different places but I travelled, to a specific location from different locations, a lot when I was engaged and wanted to see my fiancé. So I always looking forward to buy cheap tickets as I was frequent traveler.

During those days, I found Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days. Since these days are middle days of the work week, hence most of the working people don’t want to travel these days. So often during these days flight are empty most of the times.
You may want to consider traveling in the afternoon on Saturday to get cheaper domestic flights. Also early mornings and late nights can be a very economical options.

All times above mentioned are like Thanksgiving or Christmas and New Year when nobody wants to fly.

If you want to find the best month to take your trip, plug your home airport and getaway location to see the cheapest time to fly. Besides saving money, avoiding peak time travel days will often help you travel on less-crowded flights (less-crowded flights = more space to your spread your legs and extra comfort) and go through shorter airport security line.

So as per my view, sometimes travelling on budget don’t only save you money but also gets you more comfort for free along with it. Sounds pretty awesome, Right ???

2) Buy your tickets at the right time.

According to airfare booking site CheapAir, the correct time to buy the cheapest domestic flights is 45 to 47 Days before travel, on average. also recommends, the best time to book a domestic flight is four to six weeks ahead to take off.

Optimal booking days for international trips vary, from two to four weeks in advance to head to the Caribbean to six months before leaving for Europe, according to

You also can check’s price-predicting tool. To use the tool you just need to enter your itinerary, and site will shows you a full list of fares with a recommendation to either buy now – as they expects the fare to go up – or wait for a soon-to-come fare drop.

3) If you’re booking a last-minute flight, consider buying a vacation package.

Online travel agencies lock in lower fares early and combine them with cheap hotel stays. At the eleventh hour, when fares may spike elsewhere, sometimes these bundles may cost less than purchasing the flight alone.

4) Keep an eye on fares for 24 hours even after you book.

You have the right to change or cancel your flight plans for free within 24 hours of booking. (Thanks to rules introduced by the department of transportation in 2012.) So if you find a better fare within 24 hours you can snatch the savings without any penalties.

After 24 hours, if you find the booked fares has dropped, some airlines may be willing to refund you the difference. Use to track any price changes on nine major airlines. Most airlines charge change fees, but Yapta takes those into account and notifies you only if a price drop exceeds that fee. Then the site guides you through the process of contacting the airline to get your voucher.

5) Keep an eye on lodging rates, even after you book.

If you see a lower rate on the same type of room at your hotel, call the front desk and see if they’ll match it. specializes in this kind of cash-back courtesy — if you book a “Money Back” room through the site, it will track the hotel’s rates and automatically refund you if the price drops. One catch: You have to prepay for your stay.

Even better, take advantage of the best-rate guarantees from hotel chains such as Hyatt and Starwood. If you find a better rate on a third-party site for the same hotel and room type, they’ll beat the lower rate by 20%.

Orbitz offers a similar guarantee to its rewards members. After booking, if you find a better rate on another site, the online travel agency will award you 100% of the difference in “Orbucks.” You also get $50 to $200 in the site’s trademark currency, depending on your rewards-member status, up to the total price you paid.

6) Go off-season t0 save money

This is also same as point #1. An especially savvy strategy if you select a destination that’s designed for large peak-season crowds. Desperate to fill rooms, hotels will slash rates or throw in perks, such as free Wi-Fi or spa credits. For example, consider business or convention hotels after the suits have departed for the weekend and beach resorts in the spring (after spring break) or fall.

How To Save Money On Your Next Travel

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